Punch were commissioned by Codemasters to generate interest in their target market in advance of the launch of a groundbreaking online-enabled video game. Punch curated a late night event at the Custard Factory Penthouse in May 2012. With a breathtaking view of the city and fast internet, the venue is at the heart of the city’s new aspirational creative quarter. Punch invited the best gamers in the region for a début of Codemasters‘ game two weeks before it was released. The event was framed as a contest, and the winners were invited to showcase the game at the London press launch.

The Delivery

  • We contacted hundred of gamers via social media and street teams
  • We programmed a unique event timed to match gamers’ profiles
  • We used an online ticketing system to collect information for the client
  • We planned and delivered a new technology event to ‘digital natives’
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The Result

  • An exclusive video competition featuring 30 top gamers participating in a DiRT showdown
  • Unprecedented marketing data acquired on the gaming community in Birmingham
  • New relationships formed between Codemasters and a niche market
  • Connected to London press launch two weeks later.