Punch was appointed by Everton First to set up a legal citywide FM radio station for students at the Everton Free School in Liverpool. Broadcasting on 87.7FM across Liverpool, BEAT FM joined our portfolio of successful participatory radio projects during Black History Month 2013. These award-winning initiatives, including BASS FM in Birmingham, provide public platforms for up to 40 young, first-time broadcasters at a time. As well as offering them air-time and an audience, participants aged between 16 and 24 received around four weeks of bespoke training before going on-air to connect with their city – as well as an average of online audience of around 10,000. Watch our BASS FM try-out day video or download our BASS FM  infographic. 

The Delivery

  • We created these projects in response to the lack of legal airtime availability in the UK
  • We programme each station’s output professionally, side by side with our young participants
  • We educate young people who might consider broadcasting as a career or a life-long vocation.
  • We secure talent including UK’s no.1 R&B DJ Ronnie Herel, Olympian Natasha Jonas, BBC Radio’s Ace, chart topping producer DaWood and DMC DJ champion DJ Olabean to work alongside participants
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The Result

  • 720 hours of new radio programming, broadcasting 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for 30 days.
  • 40 slots made available to community groups as well as regular live schools’ outside broadcasts.
  • 75% of music on playlists is from artists and genres not represented on mainstream FM radio.
  • 25% of the music on playlists is provided by local emerging songwriters and musicians.
  • 100% of music pre-screened to ensure it is cleared for age appropriateness and suitability of content.