GRAND FINALE DATE: 23rd August, The Outhouse, EDINBURGH


Get prepared to bare all with the return of underground real talk panel Cut the Chat. 

Last year, Big Narstie, Lady Leshurr & Uncle Pain peeled back the red tape on what’s ‘taboo’ now like do female equality rules apply when it comes to violence & oral sex?

Check out the short clip from Cut The Chat in Liverpool:

This chat show format provides a floor to discuss and debate the most relevant topics NOW, that the audience wants to be talked about – the public are invited to tweet in their topics ideas for potential inclusion in the show whether trivial or profound, it’s an opportunity for hosts and guests alike to converse with honesty and humour about issues often ignored or bypassed by other talk shows. 

Viewers get a variety of perspectives on all topics up for discussion, in an environment traditionally a place where people of all backgrounds & ages feel comfortable to speak their mind about anything and everythingthe Barber Shop. Whether discussing the best restaurants to take a first date to, or the latest in current affairs, the philosophy behind this show is that any discussion that is positive and constructive goes. 

Each city invites Special Guests who will discuss new and upcoming events in their careers, as well as becoming involved in the general banter of the hosts. In the spirit of fun, guests will also be invited to participate in the celebrity challenge feature. 

This year’s hosts:

  1. Damon the Barber 
    At the top of his profession, Damon has been cutting hair for over 10 years. During that time he has had the pleasure to meet and cut hair for No.1 top selling US and UK music artists, Premiership footballers and prominent figures from the corporate world, not to mention the everyday heroes of the community who come into his shop from week to week. Having mixed with people from all walks of life, Damon is now keen to share what he has learnt with guests and viewers alike.
  1. Femi Oyeniran 
    Having starred in the cult hits Kidulthood and sequel Adulthood, Femi Oyeniran is a star on the rise, both starring in and directing short films & theatre productions across the country. Boasting a degree in Law, Femi brings an endearing combination of intellect and charisma to the show. 

    Growing up in a mixed community Femi is seen as somewhat of a success story, showing people from in and around his local area know that hard work, dedication and focus brings great success.
  1. DJ Ace 
    One of this country’s leading radio DJs hosting a daily show on Radio 1xtra. 

    Hosting his own television show on Channel U, Ace has gone on to interview the US & UK’s top selling artists both on the radio and on MTV Base. DJing in clubs across the country most weekends, and starting up his own extremely popular monthly showcase at Club Sound with fellow radio show DJ and host, Vis. Ace brings a formidable knowledge of the ever-growing US & UK urban music scene.
  1. Lee aka Little Man 
    The hottest young comedian to come out of a womb! Sharp, witty, feisty and knowledgeable of many things (gyal mostly), Little Man brings that raw uncut comedy edge, never passing up an opportunity to tell either the hosts, audience or guest exactly what he thinks in his own special way. 

    Also pursuing an acting career Little Man has a massive future ahead of him amassing a large number of followers on & off the comedy circuit. Still working in a shoe shop in London, Little Man has not let the fame get to his slightly large head.
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